Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is this website?

A few summers ago, I realized I had never really made a cake from scratch, and I had no go-to recipes to turn to.  I started combing through old family recipes, community cookbooks, and websites to try and create recipes that worked well for me.  And cupcakes seemed perfect for this experiment, since they are portable, easy to give away, and really adorable.  So, I started adapting some recipes for this purpose, and I decided to document the project for my family and friends.

How many cupcakes does each recipe make?

Since all the recipes were experimental, they vary a bit, but most make about 12 unless otherwise specified.  The sour cream ones are on the small side, making around 10.

Are you making any more cupcakes?

Right now, no.  My goal was to come up with some reliable recipes to turn to, and I found thirty or so that work pretty well.  That's all for now!

I'm having some problems with this recipe.  What gives?

Hm.  Well, I'm just a home baker who likes to take pictures of baked goods, and I'm definitely not an expert.  Sorry it's not working out for you.

Can I use your pictures on my blog?


Do you sell cupcakes?

Nope, sorry!

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